15. Night off

I didn’t touch it tonight. GAH! I’ve got a dark blue sleeveless shell that I’m working on, and I’m close to done, but need to finish the ribbing. This will be a busy weekend, too, but if I take Kathy’s advice and make the ribbing separately, then sew it on, I might not want to hate the project. 🙂 Worth a try! I’ll keep you posted.

14. Done!

So today I had the day off for some graduation stuff. Instead of eating lunch, I decided to stitch together my citrus candy sweater. Hooray!

I did it on the sewing machine, rather than hand-stitching/linking. I’m really glad I did, too. Even made a little buttonhole at the top!

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13. Wow, ribbing, huh?

Yesterday there was virtually no knitting, as it was Mr. CoL’s birthday. I did, however, take the time to hang the neck of the shell on the needles, which took FOR FREAKING EVER. Tonight, I knitted up the ten rows of ribbing, which took about a minute, and now I’m binding off — well, I did about a quarter of it, and had to take a break. It’s killing my eyes. I’ll try to bind the rest off tonight, or maybe tomorrow. Doing this again TWICE for the armholes seems pretty daunting. Maybe I’ll just wind some of the yarn I’ve got. 🙂

12. Officially an addiction

I should have spent today stitching the cardigan together. But NOOOOOO. I did PIN it together, and I’m considering joining the pieces on the sewing machine/overlocker rather than taking forever to weave it together.

But I was playing with Knitware, and I made a nice pattern for a sleeveless shell that I can wear over a t-shirt or button-down. So of course I had to make it. 🙂 I made the front and back, with only one major drama (and quite a few minor ones, but nothing I couldn’t handle. Now all that’s left is to pick up the neck stitches and the armhole stitches, and knit some ribbing there. Then join them up (oh, maybe by October)…and I’ll have a nice scoop-neck tank.

11. The final sleeve

I didn’t think I was going to make it — what with all the sock-making, and then I was LURED and WOOED by my new Knitware…but I got the last sleeve done tonight. I even went out to see a comedy show, but came home and stayed up and sleeve two is done. For some reason, it looks shorter than sleeve one. It’s the exact same number of rows on the exact same tension setting, so I’m not going to stress about it. And I always push my sleeves up anyway. 🙂 We’ll see how it goes. Tomorrow I will TRY to get some of it seamed up. But there’s now a sleeveless scoop-neck shell calling my name…

10. For the doubters

Last night after I finished my first sock (YAY!) I sensed some doubt from friends that I’d actually ever make the second sock. Well…

Finished pair of socks!

Ta da!

9. I barely believe it…

Sock!…but I made a sock! I don’t know what else to say. There were some fiddly parts, and I did break a piece of yarn that got caught on a gate post, so I lost a stitch and had to latch it up, but hell, man, it’s a SOCK!

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8. First sleeve done

Only took about an hour to make the first sleeve — with ribbing! My first real ribbing! I think it came out well. The cast on edge seems to be rippling a little, I may have turned the tension up too high too soon. But it won’t be apparent when wearing anyway, so no big whoop.

I think I’m going to start a circular sock. I’m up for the challenge. EEK!

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7. A scheduling issue

So, I was supposed to make my first sleeve on the citrus cardie tonight. But it’s not going to happen. And that’s OK.

Ribbing sample

A sample of ribbing

We had an event this afternoon, and then a dinner, and a trip to the Apple Store, and various other things that needed doing. And then, when I got home tonight (around 9), my ribber clamps were in the mail! So I finally set up my ribber, and had to decide — sleeve, or give the ribber a go? Not really a choice there. 🙂 So the ribber is working famously, and tomorrow should be sleeve one.

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6. Whew.

So, got the front frogged and redone just before the Bruins beat the Canucks! Whoo hoo! It was a great game (I listened to most of it from the other room, and ran in to replay the good plays on the TiVo).

Fronts of the cardie

The fact that the stripes don’t line up gives it an interesting…personality, don’t you think? I don’t really mind, I think it makes it look cute!

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5. Oh, the left front…sigh.

A quick consult with the original (and awesome) Leila and I was able to bind off the right front properly. So then I went to cast on the left front. And the phone rang. It was an old pal, who needed to reschedule a get-together, and we got to talking, but I decided I could multitask.

Bad idea.

I got all the way up to the armhole shaping, and realized I was TEN STITCHES SHORT. I went to 28L instead of 38L. Sigh.

Note: The electric yarn ball winder is an excellent frogging tool. Ribbit.

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4. Right front finished

Just a quick update, I finished the right front tonight. Well ALMOST. I couldn’t really understand the pattern for the very last rows — it wanted me to cast off 12 stitches per row for four rows, but I only had 24 stitches left! It’s staying on the machine overnight until I can figure this out.

3. My sweater project

So, I’ve started this cardigan project [Ravelry link]. The pattern is from a really nice Raveler who customized her own pattern for me.

Back of the orange/yellow/green striped cardigan, held down by apples and glasses I’ve decided to do one piece per night, for five nights, and then give myself a couple days to join and finish it. So in a little over a week, I should have a wearable sweater! I hope! Tonight, I did the first piece, the back. It went up really nicely! I even steamed it a bit to stop it rolling.

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2. My machine

Here’s the actual listing of the machine that I now have — those pictures are her glamor shots. (And Kathy, the woman from whom I bought the machine, is fantastic. A wealth of information, kind, and honest…can’t say enough.)

Singer 700

Isn’t she lovely?

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1. She needs a name

I admit it, I’m a serial crafter textile artist. My latest conquest — machine knitting. It speaks to me. I picked it up in a heartbeat, and it’s really going well.

I got my first machine last week…it’s a Singer Memo-Matic 700, vintage around 1986. With ribber (although I haven’t gotten the ribber set up yet…one thing at a time, and I need the right clamps, anyway, which I don’t yet have).

All my learning has been done online — Diana Sullivan in Austin, TX, and Susan in the UK have been my greatest teachers. I’m starting my first sweater…I’m going to knit one piece each night for five nights, and then give myself a couple of days to put it together. And then I will have a sweater! Gosh, I hope it fits.

But I don’t know what to call my machine. She definitely has a personality…but I’m not sure what her name is yet.

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